Luxsmile Teeth whitening kit
Luxsmile Teeth whitening kit
Luxsmile Teeth whitening kit
Luxsmile Teeth whitening kit
Luxsmile Teeth whitening kit

Luxsmile Teeth whitening kit

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Why we need teeth whitening?

Everyone crazy loved magic Beauty tooth, Bloom such as star confident smile
When dateing, you allways hope got perfect, once you used this teeth whitening kit, you well got absolutely Gorgeousness whitening results.

When talking with friends, yellow teeth, make you lose confidence.
Once you used the teeth whitening kit, you well got your confidence back.
Before lovely smile gril disappeared, for the yellow teeth.
But now i smile everyday once used the teeth whitening kit.
A smile is a bridge of communication, each time face the customers, yellow teeth made me can't talking.
But now i can talk with the customers confidence.

Professional teeth whitening

Say goodbye to Black teeth, yellow teeth, fluorosis, tetracycline teeth.
Quickly whiter black teeth.
Quicky whiter yellow teeth.
Ligher fluorosis,
Ligher tetracycline
fresh your breath
Quickly lasting whiteing teeth
Whiter smoker, tea, coffea stain
Whiter Exogenous shaded teeth


Range of Application: Teeth stains from coffee, tobacco, genetic, tetracycline, food coloring, againg and other kind of yellow teeth
Storage of the gel: Keep in 0-10 centigrade for 1 year(refrigerate) and avoid sunshine


Keep product away from children. Not recommended for use if pregnant, lactating, recently had oral surgery, or have open wounds or infections in the mouth. Whiteness, sensitivity, burning sensation, or pain can occur temporarily as a result of use, try to keep gel off of the gums and lips.


Teeth whitening kit contents
2 pcs
0.1-44%cp, 0.1-35% hp, non peroxide 5cc teeth whitening gel (white tube or black tube. oem tubes can available)
1 pc
6 bulb patent portable blue led light ( pearly white, rose pink, black, yellow, purple and so on)
1 pc
duplex silicone mouth tray or two pcs thermoplastic mouth trays
1 pc
instruction book
1 pc
shade guide
1 pc
tray case
customized package
available ( box, instruction book, shade guide)
Logo print on the light
available, moq is 1000 sets
10 sets one inner box, 4 inner box one carton.GW: 15.5KG
sample order
available, but need you pay the shipping cost.